About Deanna

Deanna Washington has been on TV and radio with her book and her gift giving ideas have been published in many magazines.

She and her three sisters grew up in Caldwell, Idaho. Christmas and birthdays were celebrated largely by gifts that were sewn, hewn, thrown, or other wise created. One particularly tight Christmas, gifts included carefully selected magazine pictures shellacked onto cardboard; different kinds of beans layered into bottles and jars found along the roadside; and selections of homemade bread.

In her early twenties, a year-long stay in Zambia, Africa, sparked her interest in symbolism. She observed how details were made important; from the way red seeds decorated ritualistic instruments to the way food was prepared. Some would call it superstition; Deanna called it purposeful and meaningful.

Deanna then moved to San Francisco area and has worked as a designer and art director for companies in the areas of finance, publishing, university education, high-tech, non-profits and medical associations. Her passion is helping companies communicate their purpose and identity through the visual arts.

The book is firmly an outgrowth of her lifelong interest in symbolism and meaning as well as her roots of giving gifts from the heart.